The Hummingbird: 5-Minute In-Office Ear Tube Procedure

The Hummingbird: 5-Minute In-Office Ear Tube Procedure

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Sun 01 Oct 2023 - Mon 30 Sep 2024

Childhood ear infections are the most common reason for a visit to the pediatrician’s office and over 1 million children undergo ear tube surgery in the U.S.

Until recently, parents only had one option for ear tube placement - putting a child under general anesthesia in an operating room setting. This traditional treatment can present various challenges: from fasting to significant costs and stress associated with putting a young child to sleep for surgery.

Now parents have access to a new breakthrough treatment - the Hummingbird® Tympanostomy Tube System (TTS).

The Hummingbird device is FDA approved for use in children 6 months and older and enables ENT surgeons to perform ear tube procedures in-office in less than 5 minutes and without general anesthesia.

Because the Hummingbird is designed to address challenges of OR-based surgery, this procedure delivers a range of benefits to parents and children, including:
  • No general anesthesia
  • No pre-operative testing
  • No post-operative recovery
  • Potential cost savings
  • A return to normal activities immediately following treatment

  • What's the process for Hummingbird ear tubes?

    Step 1: Your pediatrician refers your child to an ENT to confirm the need for ear tubes.

    Step 2: Your ENT explains the Hummingbird in-office procedure option, which does not require an operating room, general anesthesia, or hours of fasting for your child. The procedure can potentially take place on the same day.

    Step 3: Your child will be swaddled and/or papoosed to limit any risk of movement during the procedure and help the procedure go more quickly. You may be in the room for the procedure.

    Step 4: The ENT will remove ear wax and place a topical anesthetic on the ear drum to reduce pain for your child.

    Step 5: The ear tubes are inserted into your child’s ears using the Hummingbird device. The procedure is an efficient same-day procedure.

    Step 6: Your child will be able to return to normal activities immediately following the procedure.

    To learn more about the many benefits of the Hummingbird, or to find a provider, please visit:


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