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Kids struggling with writing? Organization and comprehension? College essays? We can help!

Admission Ignition offers an expert approach to writing from Essay Coaches with unique experience and insight. Helmed by a duo of young liberal arts graduates, Admission Ignition strives to offer more than just phenomenal practical writing skills for students, but also a mastery of academic intangibles like confidence and purpose. Founder Leah Messing was inspired to start the company after her own experience transitioning from high school A-student to college freshman, as she found herself unexpectedly unprepared for the writing standard at her university. No student should enter a new school - be it a private middle school, community college or prestigious university- and feel insecure about their writing level. Admission Ignition’s primary goal is to provide students with a comprehensive set of writing tools that will help them to succeed at their current grade level and, crucially, also allow them to be successful in future academic and professional environments. After eight years working with students across the country and globe, we are confident in our ability to help students achieve their unique goals.

A Community of Trust: At Admission Ignition, we frequently work with students for longer than a single school year. As they move from elementary school to college (and sometimes even beyond!), we are able to build lasting relationships with students and their families. The positive impact and trust built often expand beyond single students or families. Admission Ignition has had the pleasure of working with younger siblings, childhood friends, and neighbors of our original students throughout the years.

Services: Admission Ignition supplies goal-oriented support to students as young as 10-years-old. From outlining a five-paragraph essay with a sixth-grader to revising a research paper with a high school student, we help students of various ages and levels with all aspects of the writing process. Students can receive personalized guidance on writing strong thesis statements, introducing quotes, analyzing evidence, utilizing proper grammar, finding appropriate transition phrases, and more!

Essays are the most thought-provoking and time-consuming part of the college application process. We help our students navigate their essays with ease. Admission Ignition provides several proven packages and flexible drop-in options for juniors and seniors seeking guidance on the essay portions of the college application. Our students have been accepted to Columbia University, Harvard University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Kenyon College, Duke University, UCLA, Penn State, and the University of Chicago, among many others.

All sessions will be conducted virtually, allowing for more flexible scheduling and an option for interactive online editing. Let us help your student today!

Meet the Coaches!:

Leah Messing, Founder and Lead Essay Coach, earned a B.A. from Barnard College, Columbia University and graduated as an Athena Scholar from Barnard’s Athena Center for Women’s Leadership Studies. She has worked with hundreds of students in South Florida, nationally, and internationally. Additionally, she has given presentations on college essays, writing, and organizational skills at high schools, community events, and nonprofits in Miami-Dade County.

Becca Webb, Essay Coach, earned her B.A. from Bard College, with 6 months studying medieval literature at Hertford College, Oxford. After a seven-year career in television development, she returned to school to earn her Master's degree in American Literature at the University of Chicago. Becca has most recently worked for the University of Chicago’s writing program as a Lector and the Community Colleges of Chicago as a Writing and English Tutor, as well as at Bard College’s Writing Center as a Writing Fellow and for Varsity Tutors as an English and College Essay Tutor. In addition to working with students, Becca writes poetry, and non-fiction essays, and analyzes the published works of ex-reality TV contestants.

We look forward to working with you!

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