Kids Vision Check App to Identify Potential Vision Problems

Kids Vision Check App to Identify Potential Vision Problems

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Posted 2022-11-06 by Becfollow
Check your child's vision before a problem progresses further.

It’s hard to imagine not being able to see or have limited vision, but this is a reality for many, many children. According to the World Health Organization, a child goes blind every 60 seconds, but there are ways and means to protect your child’s vision and identify issues early.

KidsVisionCheck is a vision screening app created by a group of parents determined to reduce childhood blindness by 25% in the next 5 years. As the first of its kind, this smartphone app allows parents to check their child’s vision health with a simple photo and seek help before an issue progresses.

Download from the App Store or from Google Play to get started.

Many children around the world simply do not get the access to the vision health care they need and deserve, leading to visual problems that are far too advanced to be corrected once detected. KidsVisionCheck aims to help parents protect their children’s vision beyond the annual check-up.

How does the app work?

KidsVisionCheck disables the smartphone camera’s pre-flash and instead takes a standard flash picture. This results in a red reflex of the subject’s pupils, which can identify potential vision issues.

The red-eye coloration is typically the same in each eye. If it’s different, it could signal that something is wrong and the child should see an eye doctor.

The app compares each pupil’s image with the database and compares the symmetry of both pupils together for a more accurate assessment. The results are provided within seconds and the parents are offered a directory of local eye care professionals if necessary.

KidsVisionCheck has been extensively tested using thousands of images. A daughter of one of the founders was photographed at 12 months old, with the red reflex of her pupils shown to be different in each eye. After this was noticed, an eye doctor diagnosed amblyopia and treated her successfully.

It’s never too early to start checking your child’s vision for potential problems, but it can be too late. For more information about KidsVisionCheck, see the website or download the app at the App Store or from Google Play .

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